Introducing the Harry Potter Monopoly Edition!

A while back I looked online for a Harry Potter Monopoly edition only to find out (to my surprise) that there is no official version! So I decided to go ahead and design my own. From the board to the cards to the money, I've re-designed everything to fit the Harry Potter theme.

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It was particularly tricky deciding what properties to put where. Although when it came to the dark blue properties, the most expensive ones, it just had to be the Malfoy Manor and Riddle House. Just to add to the fear of landing on Malfoy Manor when your friend already owns it! For more details and photos below look further down the page. Enjoy!

What's Included

Harry Potter monopoly money!

The Money

Galleons! With a different character for each one. From Helga Hufflepuf to Merlin.

Harry Potter monopoly board artwork!

The Board

Own your favourite properties from Harry Potter From the Shrieking Shack to the Daily Prophet to Malfoy Manor!

Harry Potter monopoly Ministry of Magic Cards & Liquid Luck Cards & Property Cards!

The Cards

Harry Potter themed properties. Community Chest is now Ministry Of Magic. Chance cards are now Liquid Luck.

Harry Potter monopoly board only just set up

I finally got some proper photos on the first test run of the Monopoly set! Thanks to Ben and Jordan for playing! You can see the new property cards, the Ministry of Magic replacing community chest and Liquid Luck replacing chance cards. Liquid luck grants the drinker good luck, however, drink too much and it may turn to bad luck! So you could win the Quidditch cup... Or you might be truly unlucky and be sent to Azkaban! Pick up a Ministry Of Magic card and you may suffer a rogue dementor attack... Or you might just be elected Minister of Magic! To really mix things up I’ve even added doubles rules. Roll a double 6 and have a wizard duel over one of your fellow wizard’s properties!

Harry Potter monopoly gets underway

As you can see above, Ben (aka Voldemort) began his reign of terror by owning all the orange set, the famous Wizarding homes. He upgraded much quicker than anyone else could, meaning a stop over at Hagrids Hut became very costly! We fought back for a while after I bought all the Weasley properties (red) and Jordan owning the blue set, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley inns. But once Voldemort also aquired a portion of Diagon Alley (the pink set) and owned that whole side of the board, our fates were sealed! The dark one won this time...

Ben aka Voldemort wins by a landslide

Next I need to buy some nice board pieces to match the Harry Potter theme. As well as create a box to keep it all in. Updates to follow...

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*** While I make some updates to the site I've taken the files down. ***

Download the Harry Potter Monopoly Edition!

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How it was put together...

Firstly, I needed a classic Monopoly board to stick the board artwork on top. The guys at Cathedral Graphics printed it on self adhesive vinyl and did a great job sticking it straight down to the original monopoly board.

The cards were printed on 350g silk card and pretty much feel identical to the proper Monopoly cards used.

For the money I bought some coloured paper for each note and had the black and white money artwork printed on this. With all the print runs the set becomes quite pricey!

A big thanks to the ones from Pottermore Fan Forum who helped with feedback, ideas and suggestions.

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