Harry Potter Monopoly Edition

Send in photographs of your boards

If anyone gets the artwork printed and creates their own Monopoly set I'd love to see some photos! Email them to me and I'll post them up here.

Sarah's Board

Most recently, Sarah sent in some photos of her set, and the attention to detail is amazing. The coins are much more thematic and the book to hold the figurines is brilliant. The gorgeous trunk to carry everything in rounds it all off.

Jerry's Board

Jerry got his board put together for his family and decided to use the amazing money artwork from this [instructables page] (since removed). Jerry even created his own box artwork to keep it all in and purchased some Harry potter mini figures to use as board pieces. Thanks for sending these in!

Ilse's Board

Ilse went to town with acquiring extra board pieces, wands and an amazing suitcase to box it all up. They modified the board centre and created some Dobby money with some other bits and bobs for extra rules.

Michelle's Board

Michelle also created her own box to keep the set in. It turned out fantastic!

Pink and white gaming dice graphic

Thanks to everyone who has shared their photos, I hope you've had some great games and am so pleased you made use of my designs.

I'll have more photos to add as soon as I get a chance.

Happy gaming in the meantime.

How it was put together...

Firstly, I needed a classic Monopoly board to stick the board artwork on top. The guys at Cathedral Graphics printed it on self adhesive vinyl and did a great job sticking it straight down to the original monopoly board.

The cards were printed on 350g silk card and pretty much feel identical to the proper Monopoly cards used.

For the money I bought some coloured paper for each note and had the black and white money artwork printed on this. With all the print runs the set becomes quite pricey!

A big thanks to the ones from Pottermore Fan Forum [forum since closed] who helped with feedback, ideas and suggestions.

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